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Work Principle:

CO2 fractional laser uses 10.6 um invisible light, through the treatment method of non-contact cut, burn, and exposure to heat will congeal, ablative vaporized or carbonize the tissues, so as to shorten the operation time, and patients will have less bleeding, healing fast, and greatly enhance anti-infectious ability.

Vaginal Tightening:

Concentrated thermal heating of the vaginal tissue inner layers induces collagen and elastine contraction and regeneration of these proteins in the longer term. These molecular signals activate the entire wound healing process of the body’s local immune system.

Fractional: 7 Scan Graphics

Normal CO2: 3 Working Modes


Laser Type Fractional
Wavelength 10.6μm, far- infrared laser
Display LCD 8.4 inch
Pulse Frequency 33.3 Hz
Duration 0.1~10 ms
Distance 0.1~2.6 mm
Interval 0~6s
Repeat 1~5000ms
Overlap 1~20 times
Working Mode Continuous pulse, single pulse, interval pulse
Scan Graphics Square, rectangle, round, triangle, oval, 6-diamond shape, line
Dot Quantity 400 dots at most
Working State Hyper-pulsed mode
Scan Mode Sequence scan, Random scan, maximum distance scan, Equidistance, and fast shot
Pulse Energy 10mj to 130mj is optional for each dot.
Laser Emitter Japan RF Metal Emitter
Average Power 40W
Cooling System Air
Size 72cm × 38.5cm × 42.5cm
Power supply 220V/110V