What is Microblading?

If you have clients whose eyebrow goals are synonymous with Cara Delevingne, but spend hours penciling in their eyebrows only to get the shape all wrong it’s time to do the trick and create the illusion of thick envy- worthy eyebrows with microblading technique.

Microblading is a semi permanent makeup treatment done with nip being a sloped blade with 10 to 12 little needles at the end. The feather light strokes place special pigments under the epidermis or the top layer of the skin, without penetrating the inner layers-pretty much similar to a paper cut .the color last for 6 months to a year.

How it is different from an eyebrow tattoo?

A popular eyebrow enhancement ,technique microblading improves the shape, definition, and thickness of the brows it uses a specialised hand-held tool to create fine strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hair .the key difference is that microblading creates clearer, more defined and natural looking lines compared to an eyebrow tattoo. While the former uses a specialised semi permanent pigment that eventually fades into lighter version of the colour the latter often develops and unattractive blue green hue that bleeds towards the edges. Thirdly the pain involved is much lessor compared to tattooing because the tool works on the top layer of the skin the feeling is somewhat similar to tweezing in addition the application of topical anaesthetic numbs the procedure area making the procedure comfortable for the client.

The best part ? as the microblading ink is not deposited in the deeper layers it gradually fades over time. This allows clients to change the eyebrow shape and design according to their beauty preferences.

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